Post-Project Drift

There is a period after a project is finished that I find myself having lost my anchor. I feel like a very small boat just drifting in a very large ocean. Not an angry, choppy sea. Just an endless, glassy mirror. No wind, no shark fins circling in ever-tightening rings. Just me in a friggin’ boat with nothing in sight.

It can be very disorienting. When I get to the end of a book – talking first draft now – I start to get angry. I get angry at the book itself for not being finished. And I can be mean about it, too. I start name-calling. Just about every manuscript gets called a “turd,” during that stage.

But eventually the draft is finished and that’s when things get nasty.

At least that’s what I always convince myself. The process of revising the draft is almost always, to some degree, pleasant. There are typos to fix for sure, especially in my parts. On this project Craig and I each wrote about half of the book in question. I did fiddle with the stuff he wrote, and he’s in the process of going through and making my part better.

This is different than our usual process, and came about due to unusual circumstances that I’m sure we’ll all sit around a fire and talk about at some point. I’m expecting you to bring the beer.

But different doesn’t mean wrong. It doesn’t mean bad. (Repeat that after me. Say it every time you turn on the TV or walk out the door.) It just means different. Hell, sometimes different is fun. We both felt that editing this time was less like cleaning our ears with a red hot screwdriver. Even downgrading to one of those little screwdrivers they sell you at the dollar store to fix your glasses would be an improvement, because usually it’s one of those old two-foot long ones with the wooden handle that you dad always made you use while he used the electric one.

Perhaps I digress. Yes. That’s a digression. Okay. We’ll swing back around.

We’ll swing to the part about drifting. That’s how I feel every time. Even though to write this book we paused another one, which is still waiting. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Until I get back into it, I’m going to be floating.

Did I mention something about a book that is waiting? We’ll be back to it soon, with plenty more information to come regarding that! But these details can be released: it will be book #4 of the Cleanup Crew series.

Oh, we already told you that? Well did we tell you…

Listen I’ve told so many lies that I’ve lost track of the truth I’m trying to hide. But don’t mind me.

I’m drifting…

Published by Scott Varengo

Blogger, space marine, neurosurgeon and dog polisher.

2 thoughts on “Post-Project Drift

  1. Interesting. I never gave the end of a manuscript much thought, mainly because it’s just so fleeting. My entire life feels like it’s only composed of grinding away at the keyboard, every day facing only the thought of ‘this is never going to end’.

    Then it ends, for a brief while, and it’s back to editing, where everything starts over, lol.

    Anyway, I appreciate your perspective. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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