Oh dear, oh dear!

There are certain things you know are risky ideas when you hear them. “I think these bald tires have one more cross-country trip in them. Take the spare out of the trunk to make room for more beer,” for example. Or, “Let’s interview S.J. Varengo on our podcast.”

And yet that is just what has happened! Scott was recently given an opportunity to read from The Beauty of Bucharest, and talk about writing in general, as well as his latest novel, Jelly Jars, by Alexandra Amour, an excellent mystery writer herself, on her podcast, It’s a Mystery.

Although the theme of the podcast is generally geared toward mystery/thrillers, Alexandra, being a skilled interviewer, picked up on Scott’s energy and excitement when discussing Jelly Jars, and allowed the interview to move in that direction before steering back to the Cleanup Crew series and the upcoming release of The Demon of Denver.

Be sure to check out Alexandra’s website and grab some free books while you’re there! And It’s A Mystery can be heard just about anywhere, (I’m pretty sure I heard a bird listening to if from a leaf a little while ago), so go where you enjoy listening to podcasts and give her a listen (lots of great interviews on her site).

But of course I am a champion of the lazy, so you can also listen right here:

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