A Farewell to Legs

E2Books Presents Craig and Scott Live – Oh yeah. It’s a thing now.

The moment when Scott revealed the title of his and Craig’s next book, right after Erik talked about stealing ideas from other writers.

So, I didn’t write a post after our first Facebook Live back on March 24th. My rationale was plausible deniability. If the thing was a train wreck I could try saying I had nothing to do with it, even though my face was prominently displayed throughout. Looking back at it in retrospect, it’s not a solid hypothesis.

What is solid, aside from the skull of yours truly, was the fun we had in our second attempt at hosting our Live show on the E2Books Readers’ Group. Out guest Erik Therme is the author of some of the finest thrillers published in recent years and he’s also a personal friend of both of the alleged hosts. <— (More plausible deniability.)

[Ed. Note – The legal department is relatively sure that Mr. Varengo’s concept of plausible deniability is “fuzzy” at best. For the record saying “It wasn’t me,” over and over again only works in R&B songs and politics.]

Anyway. Erik is a friend, allowing us to talk in our secret triplet language from time to time. Sorry viewers. We’re too hip, that’s all. Too hip. But it also allowed use to compliment Erik’s pajama pants and to give a shout out to his cat Jasper. Oh. And to talk writing. We managed to work that angle as well. (Here’s a link to the book, before I forget.)

We discussed the differences between traditional publishing versus independent. Both Erik and Craig are able to speak to both of these means of dissemination. I have always published independently, sort of making me the “weak sister” of the trio. Or perhaps I’m just a rugged individualist who wants to chart his own course. But probably the other thing.

Alright, look, that enough of me going on about the show. Why not just check it out? “But you said it was Live!” someone no doubt just threw open a window and shouted. Well, strange person, it was live. But as they say, nothing on the internet ever truly goes away, and it is available on the E2Books group page’s archives. (You know you’ve made the bigtime when you get an archive!)

[Ed. Note: Every group gets an archive. He’s really reaching today.]

Just enjoy the show.

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