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The Shadow has Begun to Spread…

I want to tell you about a book, but first I have to give you a modicum of background. But don’t panic, it’s a kind of human interest meets man vs. machine meets van winkle thing.

You’ll see what I mean.

I certainly hope so

Easy, you. Deep breath.

Anyway, a while back I, (living room famous author from Central New York) was talking to my writing partner, (award-winning, best-selling, and famous probably all the way to the back yard,) Craig A. Hart. Cuz we’re like that. We talk. About, you know, stuff.

So this conversation drifted to an idea he had for what would become a new series. We were both very excited about the concept right from the start, and before long he’d written us a treatment for book one, which we dove into.

So you started writing. Great. Aren’t you writers?

Seriously, who hired the headline tech?

But anyway, even with that backbone (aka the treatment), we developed and introduced a lot of ideas as we progressed. We also deviated from the treatment once or twice. I’d like to tell you it was all Craig, rolling about like an unsecured field cannon with its fuse nearly spent. The truth is, every time we drifted it was because of an idea I had that drew us. So Craig helped, but it was also always him who came to his senses first. I’d get messages that said things like, “I had to do some minor rewrites in the previous eight chapters. Well, okay the four you wrote. Anyway… I think we’re on to something here!”

And I’d respond with an interrogative “Yay?”

Seriously? We’re supposed to care about this?

Wow. I really don’t like the headline tech.

I guess here’s where the story gets a little darker. In January, amidst an entire galactic hurricane of family garbage, I somehow fell outside my front door and fractured my skull, damaged my brain – a real tragedy since it was barely functioning to begin with, and set the progress of our new book back significantly as I reconnected with my ability to do this job. More than once did I think ditch-digging might be a lateral move at worst.

I was going to grab a picture from the internet of a guy with his head wrapped and make some sort of joke about never looking as bad as him, though I did have the same bandages but have you ever done that? Depressing.

Anyway, over the next three months, things kind of went up for a bit. I mean to the point where I was starting to snatch little moments of optimism when apparently my heart turned off.

I mean this quite literally. I was sitting on the same device Elvis Presley was when the elevator opened for him one last time, as his pals found him on his bathroom floor. And the next thing I knew I was waking up on my bathroom floor. Stinking Elvis and his stinking trend-setting ways.

It took me a couple of seconds to work out the best way to stand up, but I did, and went back to my living room chair and sat down. There was no pain. No real understanding. In my mind I fainted I guess. And before you ask, no I was not wearing a constricting corset.

I’d been receiving regular home visits from a nurse, and she was due to arrive in about an hour from the time my wife got up slightly after the bathroom maneuver. Now I need to explain that I was actually wearing a heart monitor at the time, after my second visit to the ER, and it was due to come off the following day to be mailed back to the company. The people monitoring it began calling our house, apparently right after my cold-tile faceplant. First the house phone, then my wife’s cell. On this later they left a message saying they saw a “significant pause” in my heart function and she should get me to the hospital.

But like I said, the nurse was coming. When she arrived we told her about what had happened, but there wasn’t a huge amount of concern by then. We were communicating clearly, I felt no pain, blah blah blah.

Now part of her job was to take vitals, and she had an oximeter on my finger, on which she watched my oxygen saturation and heart rate drop to zero. Right in front of her. She worked on me for about 27 seconds, at which point I woke up. I was unable to recall the incident, and she told my wife to call the ambulance.

They arrived, gurney-ed me up, put me in the vehicle, and before we left our parking lot I had a third incident, this was slightly shorter. But in each of the three, I was more or less dead for a while.

Okay. I’m done being grumpy. What happened next?

Thank you. And to answer the question, agonizingly slow recovery. But in what I consider a very serendipitous coincidence, one of the first activities I found I could manage – was writing.

I got back to work on the book. Craig got back on as well. We followed the treatment. We finished the novel.

It looks like this:

[SUBLIMINAL DIALOGUE: “You want this book. You really want this book.”

Now comes one of our favorite parts and at the same time the part we’d just as soon do without, which is book release. Officially this will be May 15th, which is a lovely day if I do say so myself.

I’m guessing you have a point. Do you have a point?

Why yes. The point, simply enough, is that E2 Books is going strong, ramping up even, for what we sneakingly believe is going to be a very fun series. STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS!!

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