About Craig

Craig A. Hart was born at age five and has been ahead of his time ever since. A visionary of rare caliber, he foresaw not only the fall of the Roman Empire, but correctly predicted that “this Paul McCartney fellow will never amount to much.”

A writer of words, he has written over one books, including the Shelby Alexander series, which remains his most popular. He has also written books that were less popular, but that he himself enjoys, including the novel Becoming Moon. He co-wrote the SpyCo novella series with his longsuffering wingman S.J. “The Wingman” Varengo, as well as the historical mystery Night at Key West and numerous short stories.

He is also an audiobook narrator, lending his voice to bringing like to the words of other writers.

The father of twin, six-year-old boys, Craig is largely insane a large percentage of the time and counts himself fortunate to have thus far escaped psychological incarceration–although there is still plenty of time for that to occur.

Until such time, Craig continues to flail his way through life, bolstered by his saintly wife and 2.5 friends, and hopes that his creative endeavors, including the Good Sentences podcast (co-hosted with the aforementioned S.J. “The Co-Host” Varengo), will bring amusement to those insane enough to enjoy his particular brand of crazy.