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As promised – Cover Reveal

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover for Cleanup Crew #4, The Demon of Denver. But first a word about the cover designer.

David Berens, apart from being a good friend to Craig and myself, is an incredible author, creating one of the better character’s I’ve come across in recent years in Troy Bodean, and on top of that he’s a brilliant graphic designer, as you’re about to see.

So without further ado…

I get that I’m probably not the most impartial observer, but I think it’s pretty sweet. Thanks to Dave for this and for the redesign of the first three CUC covers.

Stay tuned here on the website and on our “shosh meed” for more news, and the announcement of the release date.

Speaking of releases!

Check out this new thriller by my buddy Ethan Jones.

What if you had nothing to live for and nothing to lose…Devastated after his wife and daughter disappeared in a mysterious plane crash, Jack Storm, former CIS extractor, is failing to keep it all together. When a crucial asset is trapped in Tehran, the agency has no choice but to bring their top agent Jack back into service. They assign him a nearly-impossible mission, knowing he’s a ticking time bomb…Sent in with a know-it-all rookie, despondent Jack is relentlessly hunted at every turn. If he is caught, he’ll be hanged. But does Jack even care?Double-crossed, alone, and with the clock ticking, Jack, now more furious than hopeless, focuses his rage. But what does he have left to sacrifice to ensure the asset makes it out alive? The Jack Storm Spy Thriller SeriesInternational bestselling author Ethan Jones brings you a new series so heart-stopping and fever-pitched, that you’ll have to take up a permanent position on the edge of your seat. Like all Ethan’s thrillers, The Extractor is clean, clever, and captivating. With books two and three out in April and May, you will have hours of explosive entertainment.Enjoy the first book, The Extractor at the incredible price of 99 cents on all online bookstores, and start this adrenaline-filled, explosive series today!Click the link to grab it now:

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