The Cleanup Crew Thriller Series

What would you do if you found a body in the trunk of your wife’s car? This is the question facing Dan Porter as he stood in the parking lot and looked down at a man wrapped in clear plastic sheeting … a man with a tidy .38 bullet hole in his forehead.

Four months after returning from a mission in Bucharest, international assassin Nicole Porter is itching for a new assignment. But since revealing her secret life to her husband, Dan, Nicole has been plagued by nightmares of her past. All bets are off when Dan and Nicole’s daughter is kidnapped, and Nicole quickly realizes her assignment and the abduction of her daughter are related.

American women are dying. And it appears the cleaner sent to take out the killer has also been eliminated. Crack covert operative Nicole Porter is soon in the worst situation she’s faced with Cleanup Crew, and only the perfect alignment of the stars in the sky–and her family on the Earth–can save her now.

Her son is in the hands of the wickedest man she’s ever known …And that man is her own father.
Nicole Porter has seen a lot of evil, but what now threatens to destroy her entire family is at an entirely new level. Wounded and near death, time is short for Nicole. But she has one more cleanup job to do, and if she succeeds, it will remove one of the greatest stains on the planet. After a long journey and an even longer trail of bodies, the end game is near. Nicole knows that her kids’ lives depend on her success. She cannot afford to fail.