Good Sentences Podcast is Now The E2 Books Show

More Enormous News

Lack of shoulders on the left, clearly.

I am talking even bigger new than before! This news is so huge that Godzilla would have to stand on King Kong’s shoulders to read it. (Full disclosure: I almost wrote that the other way around until I remembered Godzilla doesn’t actually have shoulders, per se.)

After much consideration we have decided to completely consolidate our podcast and Facebook Live shows into one grand enterprise which we are calling the E2 Books Show, because we remembered how long it took to come up with the name “Good Sentences,” so we panicked and took the coward’s route.

Please be patient as we continue unpacking the boxes.

And in the meantime, have a listen to these past episodes! Also look for a companion blog post for each new episode.

The E2Books Show: Season 1; Episode 8 The E2 Books Show

Craig and Scott discuss the future of the show!
  1. The E2Books Show: Season 1; Episode 8
  2. The E2Books Show: Season 1, Episode 7
  3. Season 1, Episode 6 – Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
  4. Season 1; Episode 5 – R.A. McGee
  5. Season 1; Episode 4 – Tess Thompson
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