Craig A. Hart, E2 Books Show, S.J. Varengo, Special Guest

E2 Books Show – Episode Six

Stephanie Nemeth Parker

The lovely and talented
Stephanie Nemeth Parker

You don’t meet people like Stephanie Nemeth Parker every day. She has done numerous voice overs in Switzerland (where she lives much to the jealousy of her friends), for such companies as Omega Watches (she was the voice of the company for five years) and some rinky-dinky furniture company called Ikea, (she did one for them recently, then sent me a lovely picture of the Swiss countryside on her train ride home.) Oh, and she also co-starred in a short film with Rutger Hauer, who I’m told you may have heard of. (I watched it to see Steph, but this guy looks like he has some potential.) And if you follow her on Facebook, Insta, or Tiktok, you’ll also meet her friend Pammy, and that is an experience you will not want to miss. She also has about eighty audiobooks to her credit, narrated under her own name or her pseudo Vivienne LaRue.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly she is one of Craig’s and Scott’s very favorite people in the world. Take a listen to Episode Six and see if you are able to resist her overwhelming charm. [Ed. note: You won’t be.]